PlayStation Now.


A good while back Sony bought a company called Gaikai who made their name streaming games to laptops and PCs, unsurprisingly it was widely believed at the time of purchase that Sony had done so to afford future PS4 owners a similar way to play games. Although half right PlayStation chief executive Andrew House revealed today at CES that the Gaikai purchase is going to lead to much bigger things than just game streaming on the PlayStation 4. Very soon you’ll be able to steam PS2 and PS3 game to a number of devices. The service will be dubbed PlayStation Now and through it consumers can choose to either pay a monthly subscription charge (TBC) granting them access to a full library of games or pay per title, either way when your payment is made any title you download will become playable via your Sony Xperia tablet, PS Vita, compatible Bravia TVs or the PS4 itself. How many titles PlayStation Now will carry and what they’ll be has yet to be revealed but with a beta trial coming in January (to the States) and a full blown launch pencilled in for the summer, we’re but a matter of months away from seeing where Sony are taking the PlayStation brand next.

PlayStation Now.


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