Nintendo Not Brave Enough.


When Fire Emblem Awakening arrived on the 3DS last year both fans and critics alike loved it however with the arrival of the Summer Scramble DLC pack, North American players at least found Nintendo had chosen to to cover up a bikni clad shot of Tharja. It wasn’t anything that really detracted from the game as a whole but some fans did take offence to the kid glove tactics and will almost certainly again as it has come to light that the much anticipated Bravely Default has been censored in both North America and Europe. It should be stated that what’s been censored (a few costumes pictured below) won’t alter the over all experience of the game in any way but will still likely raise questions as to why Nintendo think us less capable of seeing what the Japanese see.¬†

Nintendo Not Brave Enough.

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Not Brave Enough.

  1. I saw a mention of this, on a forum, a few weeks ago on a forum. I didn’t post about it on my blog because I couldn’t find any photographic evidence. This is just so sad. No wonder Nintendo is always tarred as the kiddy console maker.

    1. It can be disheartening to see that Nintendo haven’t changed since the days they turned blood from red to green but they unashamedly haven’t and I doubt they ever will. Nintendo are pretty much today as they ever have been and well be, that’s Nintendo In a nut shell.

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