Wii U GamePad buddies Up To Your PC?


Whether you like or loath them there’s little denying the fact that hackers have done a number of cool things in the past and will almost certainly do many more in the future. One of these potential, cool things was revealed at the 30th Chaos Communication Congress, an annual conference for hackers where a small group of them showed off a modified Wii U GamePad capable of streaming games directly from a PC. The game chosen to demonstrate this feet on was none other than The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker running on the Dolphin emulator but other emulators, the likes of ePSXe or ZSNES will hopefully be capable of the same thing in the future. The hackers went on to express their hopes for the project, and while we’re still a long way away from  streaming the likes of Skyrim to a Wii U gamepad it just might be possible one day. For more on the potential of the Wii U’s gamepad watch the CCC lecture here or check out the slides first hand here

Wii U GamePad buddies Up To Your PC


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