Nintendo Direct 18/12/2013.


Wednesday saw Nintendo hold their final Direct  event of 2013 and the first since Sony and Microsoft unleashed the PS4 and XOne to the world so a big event was expected but would this Direct live up to the hype? Well that really depends on how excited you are for new trailers because new trailers of Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros U (Rosalina and Luma have joined the brawl) Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Kirby Triple Deluxe and Yoshi’s New Island is what we got, yea. In all fairness though Nintendo did have a handful for new wares to show off  but the likes of  Dr. Luigi (a re-skinning of puzzler Dr. Mario), NES Remix (a glorified collection of classic levels from classic Nintendo games) and a Zelda meets Dynasty warriors game dubbed Hyrule Warriors really failed to get pulses racing as well. All in all it was yet another so so Nintendo Direct, nothing to really shout from the rooftops about but one or two things to keep an eye on.

Nintendo Direct.

3 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct 18/12/2013.

  1. Nothing too exciting I agree, but more Kirby is always welcome. Hyrule Warriors seems like a neat twist on the Dynasty Warriors games.

    1. I thought the new Kirby game looked pretty good but I do hope it’s a bit tougher than some of his previous efforts. As for Hyrule Warriors, well I think there’s potential there but it’ll need to do a lot to impress me as Dynasty Warriors itself simply never has, still I’m hopefully it will.

      1. I doubt the new Kirby will be too tough. Most of the games I have played in the series are super easy, as they are aimed at kids. I don’t mind though as I find the games to be relaxing.

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