Tales Of Zestiria.


A new Tales title is heading to the PS3 to mark the 20th anniversary of the series in Japan. Dubbed  Tales Of Zestiria the new Tales will see a return to the series’ classic roots according to Namco Bandai and receive a more timely Western release given the series’ growing popularity over seas.
Alongside the game’s simultaneous global announcement, a first for the series, Namco Bandai also showed off a trailer which can be seen here.

Tales Of Zestiria.

2 thoughts on “Tales Of Zestiria.

  1. Good to hear that we won’t have to wait as long for this one. I haven’t played many Tales games, but I thought Xillia was fun.

    1. Same here, I’ve never really gotten into the Tales series but than again I did enjoy Symphonia on the GameCube and this gen Namco really do seem to be trying to establish the series beyond Japan.

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