NBA 2K14 Goes Online Only?


When 2K released NBA 2K14 last month on the PS4 and XOne critics sang the game’s prises and fans plucked copies off the shop shelves which, they found besides a few glitches to be a classic 2K offering. Yesterday that changed when NBA 2K14 users who patched their games found that should they loose internet connection at any point while playing any mode that uses 2K Virtual Coins a return to the main menu is imposed and many modes (excluding MyCareer and MyGM) are locked off until connection to the 2K servers is re-established. Unsurprisingly many NBA 2K14 owners have been less than impressed by 2K’s decision and not only because everyone hates DRM but because 2K have decided to introduce their DRM after gamers have already purchased the game, sneaky. More worrying still than 2K’s underhand tactics are how many other publishes will now follow suit and add always online dependant features to their games post release. The thought is a frightening one and even more so when you realize that the PS4 and XOne haven’t even been out a month yet and already one publisher is attempting to exploit it’s customers. Shocking.

NBA 2K14 Goes Online Only

4 thoughts on “NBA 2K14 Goes Online Only?

  1. I guess this is to prevent cheaters from abusing the coins? Adding this after release and not being up front about it however is going to upset people. Players don’t want always online to play their games, just ask Microsoft.

  2. Patches are a necessary evil in the world of games today, I accept that but 2K have way over stepped the mark here and I think sales of future 2K titles will suffer for that.

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