Microsoft Looking To Japan.


Neither the original XBox nor the 360 managed to crack Japan but that doesn’t mean Microsoft are giving up the fight oh no, in fact Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer has revealed to Kotaku that a number of Japanese developers are currently hard at work on a whole shed load of unannounced   XOne games.
“The creative teams in Japan have always been top notch. And yeah, you’re right that we’ve never been the top console in Japan, but the support that we’ve received, either from publishers like with Capcom and Dead Rising or developers is always great and that’s why we have signed some things in Japan that we haven’t announced that we’ll announce in 2014.”

Microsoft Looking To Japan.

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Looking To Japan.

  1. The only way that the XBoxOne will have a chance to take on Japan is to get a Monster Hunter game. However I believe that Nintendo have that deal wrapped up very tightly. With MH4 selling 3 million units I don’t see Capcom in a rush to change that any time soon either.

    1. agree, Microsoft face a mammoth task if they truly want to establish the XOne in Japan and it’s a task I don’t think even the mighty Monster Hunter could make happen.

      1. I think they may give up on Japan pretty much straight away. If you don’t have a handheld console in Japan then you don’t matter.

      2. I don’t think their pride will allow a company like Microsoft to, give up the ghost entirely so to speak but I do agree that neither Japan nor a handheld is at the top of their to do list. Then again perhaps the XBox Pocket is just around the corner. Stranger things have happened after all.

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