Crash Coming Home?


The vast majority of news this week has, unsurprisingly, revolved around the PS4 and XOne and specifically how well each console is selling (both surpassing a million each apparently) however there have been other things happening, the most interesting of these on goings taking place over at Activision where the publishing giant quietly  took down the official Crash Bandicoot website along with any and all other references to the Bandicoot dotted around their main site. Why is the big question, and while Activision certainly aren’t saying rumours are rife the disappearance of Crash is due to Sony purchasing the franchise. If true Playstation owners will not only see Crash Bandicoot games return exclusively to their consoles but the high possibility that the series could be rebooted by original creators Naughty Dog no less, quite a coup indeed.

Crash Coming Home

5 thoughts on “Crash Coming Home?

  1. I enjoyed the first Crash game. I would love to seem them return to that style instead of a more open world 3D platform the sequels embared.

  2. I’ve always preferred the likes of Sonic and Mario but I’d love to see what Naughty Dog could do with Crash today given that their ten times the developer they were back in 1996.

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