Ghosts Prettier On Playstation.


Fanboys and tech heads alike have been debating for a good while which of Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles will run the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield the best, today many of these discussions can at least come to an end as Infinity Ward boss Mark Rubin himself has confirmed that when it comes to resolution the Playstation 4 has the edge.
“For Xbox One we’re 1080p upscaled from 720p and we’re native 1080p on PS4,”
So there it is straight from the horse’s mouth as they say, if resolution is a deciding factor in which platform you purchase your games on than in the case of Call of Duty Ghosts it’s either PC or PS4, unless ito turns out the Wii U can do 1080p to of course.

Ghosts Prettier On Playstation.

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