Corruption Of Lumiose City.

Nintendo have confirmed (via their Japanese website) that indeed the Lumiose City glitch which has corrupted a number of Pokémon X and Y save games is very real and capable of corrupting any game.  Nintendo has also committed themselves to fixing the problem with a patch soon but until then it is advised that no X or Y owners ever save their games within Lumiose City.

Much like the proverbial hot cakes, Pokemon X and Y have been flying off the shelves (four million units so far apparently) since their release, and while the majority of critics and fans alike have been more than impressed with Game Freak’s latest offering an unlucky few have most certainly not. You see it appears that for some trainers a nasty little glitch lurks in Lumiose City where, if the player saves their game and load it again they find themselves stuck in the city’s scenery and their DS completely unresponsive. The Lumiose City glitch has reportedly been found in both Japanese and European versions of the game with a number of videos popping up on Youtube to verify these claims but as of writing Nintendo have yet to address the problem leaving X and Y owners with little choose but to avoid saving in Lumiose City and hope a patch is announced sooner rather than later.

Corruption Of Lumiose City.


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