James Pond’s Come Back Cancelled.


What do you get when you combine a long dormant platformer from yesteryear and Kickstarter? Well usually these days with the popularity in crowd funding you get enough people putting in enough money to revive said platformer and in HD no less, however in the case of James Pond things have panned out a little differently. For those who don’t know or remember James Pond is the goldfish equivalent of James Bond (or Robocop in a later sequel) who spent much of his gaming career swimming, running and jumping his way through comedy named platform stages. Current Mr. Pond licence holders Gameware Europe were confident this fish still had enough fans to pledge the £100,000 worth of start up money needed to see him again, 7 days ago though after only raising £16,000 Gameware Europe cancelled Mr. Pond’s return.
Gameware Europe would go on to blame themselves for the project’s failure by admitting they’d shown far too little of their vision for James Pond to garner the kind of support they needed however this should stand as a lesson to all developers hoping to kick start their projects solely off the back of nostalgia, people want to know where it is their money is going so you better show them.

James Pond's Come Back Cancelled.



  1. I love Kickstarter for exactly this kind of stuff. But you nailed. If the project can’t show exactly what they’re striving for I’ll be much less inclined to hand over my money.
    My two favorite Kickstarters so far have been Volgarr the Viking and Pier Solar HD.

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