Steam Controller.


Earlier in the week Valve unveiled SteamOS and the Steam Machine. Yesterday they concluded their week of announcements with the reveal of the Steam Controller, a new gamepad designed for use with all Steam titles past, present and pending. The controller itself is a tad difficult to describe (there are pictures below) however in shape at least it’s somewhat reminiscent of a Sega Saturn pad, albeit one which features 16 buttons, a touch screen and a pair of clickable trackpads with haptic feedback. No D-pad and no analog sticks what soever.
Following it’s reveal Valve went on to claim that not only would their new controller “Bridge the gap between the desk and the living room without compromises” but at the same time make assessable “whole genres of games that were previously only playable with a keyboard and mouse.” Big claims indeed, the Steam Controller will be available alongside the Steam Machine and as a stand alone item some time next year.

Steam Controller.

4 thoughts on “Steam Controller.

  1. That thing looks worse than the Ouya controller, but a lot of folks were sceptical about the Gamecube controller as well. And that ended up being the most comfortable controller of all time.

  2. I’m not sure about it. But wisely I’ll wait until I test it before I make my final decision. It is nice to see someone trying out of the box thinking.

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