Steam Machine.


It’s been rumoured for awhile now but finally Valve have confirmed that they are indeed working on a gaming device. I use the term gaming device simply because Valve’s description of it’s Steam Machine is a little on the vague side but on the face of it the Steam Machine is a Steam branded PC which runs SteamOS and aims to bring PC gaming to the living room. Design, price, released date (beyond 2014) and who the machine’s multiple manufactures will be remain unconfirmed but Valve have offered Steam users the chance to get their hands on a Steam Machine early if they fulfil the short list of demands below.

Before October 25th, log in to Steam and then visit your quest page to track your current status towards beta test eligibility

1. Join the Steam Universe community group.
2. Agree to the Steam Hardware Beta Terms and Conditions.
3. Make 10 Steam friends (if you haven’t already).
4. Create a public Steam Community profile (if you haven’t already).
5. Play a game using a gamepad in Big Picture mode.

Steam Machine.


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