Hiroshi Yamauchi Passes Away.

Hiroshi Yamauchi Passes Away.The man who made Nintendo the global force they are today has passed away aged 85.
Hiroshi Yamauchi became President of  Nintendo in 1949 (replacing his grandfather) and during his subsequent 50 years at the helm he ran the company with a legendary fist of iron and made the majority of decisions surrounding both consoles and games, and while some mistakes were made along the way (the failed deal between Nintendo and Sony that would lead to the Playstation being one of the biggest) Mr. Yamauchi was proven right more often than not, trusting his gut over all the market trends or popular opinion in the world. Without him he likes of the NES, Game Boy, SNES, N64, GameCube and 99.9% of the wonderful Nintendo franchises we know and love today most likely wouldn’t have happened the way they did. In fact the games industry itself might not even be here after the crash of 1983 were it not for Mr. Yamauchi who led Nintendo and the NES.
By 2002 following the under performances of the GameCube and his advanced years Mr. Yamauchi agreed to step away from Nintendo who, despite releasing their most successful home console (the Wii) to date (they also released their most successful handheld in the DS which Mr. Yamauchi himself had a hand in creating) Nintendo seem to have lost a little of their magic. A magic which much like Mr. Yamauchi’s indomitable will has yet to be replaced.
In the years to come I have no doubt that the name Shigeru Miyamoto will probably continue to be the name most associate with Nintendo however the name Hiroshi Yamauchi will forever mean Nintendo.
Rest in peace Mr. Yamauchi. May your memory live on and your legacy never die.

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