River City Ransom Underground.


With the likes of the Mighty No. 9 proving Kickstarter’s ability to bring visions to life it’s little wonder more and more developers are turning to the site in hopes of finding direct funding for whatever projects are keeping them up at night. The latest to add their names to this growing list is Canada outfit Combit Studios who are looking for $180,000 to fund a sequel to the NES classic River City Ransom dubbed River City Ransom Underground. Here’s a link to the Kickstarter page and a snippet of what Combit Studios have planned.

“You’re backing a 2.5D open world beat’em up with RPG elements, just like the classic game, for the Windows platform. We’re making River City bigger, adding more stores, items, and bringing the cast and crew into the modern era. You’ll reunite with old friends (and punch them in the face), meet new ones, and play through an epic story in an urban, open world. Yes, the game will feature local co-op play, and online co-op depending on our distribution partners on launch day.”

River City Ransom Underground

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