TSG Sony.

TGS 2013

Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference was a remarkably eventfully one this year featuring announcements a plenty. The biggest of these came in the form of not one but two new PS Vitas. The first, a redesign PS Vita dubbed the the PCH-2000 which will be 20 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter than the original Vita, sport a more rounded design, replace the existing OLED screen with an LCD one and be available in a range of colours from the 10th of October when it launches in Japan for ¥19,929 (around $200 or £120).
The second PS Vita announced came all the way from left field as Sony unveiled Vita TV, a tiny little console (about the size of a pack of playing cards and the smallest console Sony have ever produced) which plugs straight into your television set and with the help of a DualShock 3 allows you to play some 1,300 PS Vita, PSP and older (PSOne classics) on a television screen. Vita TV will also allow for media streaming (films, TV shows etc.) as well as PS4 Remote Play. A full list of which Vita titles will be playable through Vita TV can be found here, while the console itself will be available in Japan (TBC every where else) from the 14th of November in two flavours, a basic (just the console)  and premium package (including DualShock 3 controller and 8GB memory card) priced at ¥9,954 yen, £64 or $100 and  ¥14,980 yen, £96 or $151 respectively.
Away from the Vita Sony also confirmed the PS4’s Japanese launch date to be the 22th of February next year along with the news that a brand new Yakuza title (Yakuza Restoration) will be appearing on the PS4, PS3 and Vita alongside a new PS4 exclusive from Grasshopper titled Lily Bergamo.

TSG Sony.

4 thoughts on “TSG Sony.

  1. As someone who doesn’t have the time or lifestyle to enjoy a handheld, I would definitely buy Vita TV just to play all those Vita games I’ve been wanting to play but didn’t want to invest the full price on the handheld version. I can’t use a handheld at work, I’m always the driver on road trips, I don’t fly often and when I’m home I prefer to sit on the couch and stare a large flatscreen over a tiny one. Vita TV sounds delicious.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I rarely ever play handhelds anywhere else but around the house so VitaTV really is something of a master stroke on Sony’s part. I take my hat off to them I do, can’t wait to play Soul Sacrifice, Persona 4 (again) and so many others on a big screen.

      1. I’ve been wanting to check out how Persona 4 improved over the PS2 version. I’ve also really been wanting to check out Soul Sacrifice, Gravity Rush and the upcoming Y’s games.

      2. Same here on Gravity Rush but unfortunately it’s (like Uncharted) yet to be added to the VitaTV’s compatibility list so we may have to wait awhile for that one. As for Persona 4, gameplay wise it’s pretty much unchanged from the PS2 version but there’s a lot more stuff like new social links, new story events and lots of costumes.

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