The 2DS.


When word leaked yesterday that Nintendo were about to announce a redesigned 3DS few could have predicted what was to come and many more besides were left baffled when it did. Nintendo’s new 3DS isn’t a 3DS at all, it’s a 2DS? Yes you did read that right, Nintendo’s new 3DS not only drops the system’s key selling point (and something the player has complete control over courtesy of the 3D slider)  but adopts some of the ugliest design elements seen on a handheld console since the DigiBlast. All of this, according to Nintendo, is done to appeal to the “5 to 6 years old demographic.”
If for some bizarre reason my less than glowing description of the 2DS has lit a fire of intrigue under you regrading this odd new addition to the Nintendo family an introduction trailer can be found here, while the handheld itself will be available to purchase in both North America ($129.99) and Europe (UK price £109.99) from the 12th of October.

The 2DS.

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