Zelda Themed Wii U?


It would appear that, unwittingly, Nintendo have revealed the existence of an as yet unannounced Zelda themed Wii U. In a trailer released to prompt the Wind Waker HD’s new hero mode an image of a Wii U controller sporting a Zelda inspired pattern can clearly be seen. Despite the evidence Nintendo still refuse to confirm the existence of the long rumoured Wii U Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD bundle (reportedly retailing at $349.99) however it’s a pretty safe bet now.

Zelda Themed Wii U.

2 thoughts on “Zelda Themed Wii U?

  1. It sucks that those of us that have supported the console would now have to purchase some form of limited edition to have the unique gamepad. Maybe they could offer the decal in the game’s box or something as an added bonus?

  2. I think a good number of people are already waiting (depending on price) to invest in a second Wii U controller so why don’t Nintendo just release a Wind Waker/stand alone tablet bundle as well. That would surely be a good middle ground for those who want this special controller and the Wind Waker HD but already own a Wii U.

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