Xbox One And A Free Game.


When Sony decided that the PS4 would under cut the XBox One potential customers and industry analysts alike began speculating on ways Microsoft could bridge the gap in value between the two consoles. The most commonly sighted suggestion was that, like many of the XOne’s original announcements, Microsoft could simply back paddle on the price and bring it down to match that of the PS4, while others believed dropping Kinect would do the trick. If rumours courtesy of CVG are to be taken seriously however Microsoft will instead up the XOne’s value by bundling with the console a “major third-party title” absolutely free.
What that major third-party title actually will be no one yet knows but if Microsoft do manage to bundle the XOne with the right game it really could negate at least a portion of the PS4’s advantage.




    1. FIFA is huge in Europe, so it makes sense from a business perspective to entice people in to buying your more-expensive console. I’m hoping we in the states we something a little more appealing, though. Dead Rising or Titanfall would be a no brainer, but I don’t know if they want to take away from all the Titanfall sales just to bundle it with the console.

  1. EA are are betting on Titanfall being the next Call of Duty so I can’t see it being part of any bundle but I’m sure Capcom could be talked into offering Dead Rising.

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