XBox One Disconnects Kinect.


When Microsoft revealed the Xbox One they also revealed the console’s many questionable features, and while nearly all of these said features, online check in, DRM, mandatory game installs etc. were reversed one remained intact, until now.
In a recent Q&A with IGN Chief XBox One platform architect Marc Whitten confirmed that no Kinect sensor bar will now be required to use the XBox One.
“Like an online connection, the console will still function if Kinect isn’t plugged in, although you won’t be able to use any feature or experience that explicitly uses the sensor,” Said Mr. Whitten before firmly clarifying.
“You have the ability to completely turn the sensor off in your settings. When in this mode the sensor is not collecting any information. Any functionality that relies on voice, video, gesture or more won’t work. We still support using it for IR blasting in this mode. You can turn the sensor back on at any time through settings, and if you enter into a required Kinect experience (like Kinect Sports), you’ll get a message asking if you want to turn the sensor back on in order to continue.”
Microsoft have now officially reversed practically every major issue gamers had with the XBox One, however it still remains to be seen if this turn around will be enough to make people forget what had originally been planned for the console.

XBox One Disconnects Kinect.

4 thoughts on “XBox One Disconnects Kinect.

  1. 90% of the games we play are cross-platform, and I prefer Microsoft’s exclusives, so I’m going with Xbox One. I know I’ll own both at some point, but I definitely prefer Fable, Gears & Halo over InFamous, God of War or Little Big Planet.

  2. I think most people will end up buying both. That said I think the order in which they are bought however will greatly depend on the exclusives.

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