Wii U Price Not A Problem.


If you’ve been holding off on buying a Wii U in hope that Nintendo will drop the price you’ll probably be disappointed to learn that president Satoru Iwata doesn’t believe the console would benefit from such a move and so won’t be happening any time soon.
“If the price is actually an issue with Wii U, then there is some contradiction between the current sales balance between the Basic and Premium versions of the console. The basic version should have sold a lot, but the fact of the matter is that people are buying more of the premium version. So the issue clearly isn’t there.”
Mr. Iwata finished by pointing out what actually is the Wii U’s problem, software.
“I understand that the real issue is a lack of software, and the only solution is to provide the mass-market with a number of quality software titles.”
So there you have it, no price drop but more games.

Wii U Price Not A Problem

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