No Darkstalkers But Plenty Of Mobile Games.


Capcom have today confirmed that due to the poor showing, sales wise, of Darkstalkers compilation Darkstalkers Resurrection, the odd ball fighting game franchise won’t see any further investment in the foreseeable future meaning any hope stalker fans were holding out of seeing a shiny next gen instalment of the series are now about as likely as Capcom announcing a new Viewtiful Joe. Capcom did however reassureĀ  fans that, although you may never see the like of Darkstalkers, Power Stone or Dino Crisis again the company are hard at work on 13 mobile phone and social online games. One of which, Onimusha Soul is a browser-based card game built around the Onimusha universe. Thanks Capcom, no one knows how to please their fans quite like you.


3 thoughts on “No Darkstalkers But Plenty Of Mobile Games.

  1. It’s sad, really, but Darkstalkers has always played second fiddle to Street Fighter with Capcom. Hopefully we’ll still see the Darkstalkers in the crossover games, but I didn’t expect a full-blown sequel any time soon.

  2. I never expected to see a Darkstalkers sequel either but I also didn’t expect to see a browser-based Onimusha game. It really shows where Capcom’s priorities lay these days.

    1. Capcom and Squeenix are both starved for cash and appear to be dipping in to the mobile/browser market just to make a quick buck. We’ll see how that really plays out, but I doubt any fan of Deus Ex was thrilled to see a new game as a mobile exclusive, much like anyone who even remembers Onimusha is going to rush online to play a browser based card game.

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