Eidos Montreal Boss Quits.


Stephane D’Astous the head and founder of Eidos Montreal (Deus Ex Human Revolution, Thief) has resigns from his lofty position, and in the process called in to question owners Square Enix’s ability’s to effectively run a company.
“Since last year’s financial short-coming performance of Square Enix Europe, we (HQ London and GM Eidos Montreal) have had growing and divergent opinions on what needed to be done to correct the situation,” he said before adding.
“The lack of leadership, lack of courage and the lack of communication were so evident, that I wasn’t able to conduct my job correctly. I realized that our differences were irreconcilable, and that the best decision was unfortunately to part ways.”
While Mr. D’Astous’ reignition is unlikely to impact Eidos Montreal’s major project Thief, his comments are bound to raise more than a few eyebrows while reinforcing many suspicions that Square Enix are finding the process of western game development far more challenging than that of their native Japan.

Stephane D'Astous resigns

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