Beyond Good & Evil 2 Too Much For This Gen.


Although commercially Beyond Good & Evil never set the world alight it did capture the hearts of enough gamers to see creator Michel Ancel set about making a sequel. A decade on from the original release however and little of the sequel has been seen. In a recent  interview with IGN Mr. Ancel explains it as the fault of the current generation of consoles and something which will be put right with the arrival of the next.         
“I think we were doing something too big for this period. Honestly, it was too challenging to put Beyond Good & Evil 2 on the current consoles. Now I didn’t say the consoles were not good enough and I didn’t say the team was not good enough, but you have to scale what you want to do and the console itself. I think now with those new consoles arriving, yes, we want to try again making Beyond Good & Evil 2. I would say it’s surprising, as we want it to be. Not just a sequel, but something that really makes all the ideas that we had for the first one possible now with these consoles.”

Beyond Good & Evil 2


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