Vitality Sensor Flat lines.


During the hight of it’s popularity Nintendo showed off an odd little peripheral for the Wii dubbed the Vitality Sensor. A small bit of plastic that clipped onto a player’s index finger and measured his or her pulse. 4 years on and the Vitality Sensor hasn’t been seen again but Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has finally explained why.
“We pushed forward its development on the academic assumption that by observing the wave patterns of the human pulse, we could quantify how tense or relaxed a person is. Or, to be more specific, how much the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves work as functions of the autonomic nerve. The Wii Vitality Sensor is an interesting device,” Iwata continued, “and we did various experiments to see what is possible when it was combined with a video game. But, as a result, we have not been able to launch it as a commercial product because we could not get it to work as we expected and it was of narrower application than we had originally thought. We would like to launch it into the market if technology advancements enable 999 of 1000 people to use it without any problems, not only 90 out of 100 people.”

Vitality Sensor Flat lines


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