Nordic Games Go Shopping.


There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Nordic Games. You may very well have played one of their Painkiller titles but overall I bet their’s is not a name which springs to mind when listing prominent games developers right? Well that could be about to change as Nordic Games are buying up game franchises left, right and centre. The first being Red Faction, MX vs. ATV and the highly rated Darksiders series which were snapped up from bankrupt publisher THO and now Nordic Games have moved to relived Atari of it’s wild western based shooter Desperados and the classic PC and Dreamcast action RPG Silver.
What will become of all these  intellectual properties? Well for now only Nordic Games knows for sure but with the likes of Darksiders and Silver in their control they find themselves in a strong position to make a real impact on the games industry. Exciting times indeed.

Nordic Games

2 thoughts on “Nordic Games Go Shopping.

  1. Platinum felt Darksiders’ asking price was a bit steep apparently, and while I too would have preferred it had ended up with them, I’m intrigued to see what Nordic Games will do with the series.

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