Next Gen Pricing.


Both Sony and Microsoft have come out and confirmed that all first party titles on the Xbox One and  PlayStation 4 will maintain the current gen price point at retail meaning the likes of Halo 5 and inFamous Second Son will set you back $59.99 state side and around £49.99 for those buying in the UK. Disappointingly there has yet to be any talk of the pricing surrounding digital purchases, however rumors are rife that they too will maintain the current gen pricing structure.

Next Gen Pricing

2 thoughts on “Next Gen Pricing.

  1. As a collector, I don’t like paying for digital downloads if I have the option for a physical copy. In fact, I only pay for games online if they’re indie releases and only own digital titles if they we’re freebies on PS Plus.

    I think in order for the digital movement to take over the console realm (as the PC master race has been embracing it for ages) that they’ll have to start reducing the price to give us an incentive. Right now I can go to Gamestop and back within 15 minutes rather than wait 2-3 hours to download brand new digital releases, paying the exact same price.

  2. Right you are, I too can only see digital taking off once prices start getting set right. And I don’t mean a few bucks off here and there, I’m talking about price representing value.

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