Mega Man Maverick Hunter.


By now Mega Man fans must have become used to hearing that Capcom have cancelled yet another Mega Man project but the latest Blue Bomber game to bite the dust might just raise an eyebrow or two as it would have been an FPS. Yes that’s right, dubbed Mega Man Maverick Hunter the game was being made by a trio of key Metroid Prime developers who left Retro Studios to start up their own development company called Armature Studio but upon the departure of Keiji Inafune from Capcom the reboot was cancelled. At the time of writing neither Capcom nor Armature Studio were willing to comment on the game but a short video of Maverick Hunter has shown Mega Man fans what they could have expected. See it for yourself here.

Mega Man Maverick Hunter



  1. This here.. this makes me want to slam my face in a door. Metroid Prime was delicious and would have fit well with the Megaman gameplay style. I lost hope for any worthwhile Megaman game when Legends 3 was cancelled, but at least I can go back and play 9 and 10 on PSN.

  2. No one’s quite as good at making bad decisions as Capcom these days but I still believe Megaman has some life left in him and eventually, Capcom will see it. probably.

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