Suda Promises Something New.


No more Heroes creator Goichi Suda has told Edge that he’s working on a brand new action game with artist Yusuke Kazaki.
“This is going to be an action game obviously but the gameplay style is going to differ very much, it’ll be unique. This is a title that GungHo Japan and Grasshopper Manufacture is working on together collaboratively so there will be an online feature, because that’s their forte and what they specialise in. On the simplest level it will be social, but the word social is used and misinterpreted a lot these days. GungHo has over ten years of experience in providing online gaming services so that is their strength. This is a very new style of online feature, so there’s no example from the past.”
Suda51 would go on to confirmed that he hoped the, as yet unnamed project would be released on current platforms this November and perhaps next-gen platforms some time after that.

Something New


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