PlayStation 4 Doing The “Right Thing” With Pre-Owned Games.


Whether or not the use of second hand games should be blocked on next gen consoles is currently the biggest issue floating around the games industry, and while Sony were initially clear of the subject stating  quite firmly that the PS4 would in no way block pre-owned games that message has quickly changed. Now Michael Denny, Sony’s VP of Worldwide Studios says Sony will “do the right thing’ when it comes to pre-owned games but stops short of actually clarifying what the “right thing” is.
“It’s a massively important issue and I understand why it’s one that keeps coming up and will keep coming up, because people want to know what the exact stance is, at this moment in time the announcements have been about our philosophy and vision for PlayStation 4, our motivation to put the gamer at the heart of it and why we’ve got the development community on it. In relation to points like that, of course we’re mindful of what the game development community wants and what the wider industry issues are with those things. I think in good time that will become clearer.” Commented Mr. Denny before closing with.
“It’s not something that I feel I have any further announcement or comment to make on, other than to acknowledge with you that it’s a massively important issue and of course we are going to do the right thing,”
So there you have it, clear as mud, the PlayStation 4 will/won’t run pre-owned. I’m sure Sony will decide one way or another when it becomes clear what Microsoft are planning to do.

PS4 Pre Owned


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