It’s taken years but finally solid details surrounding Bungie’s new online shooter Destiny have begun trickling through. The first and most interesting of the bunch being that Destiny will requires an “always on internet connection” to be played because of the game’s “Shared World” which is constantly evolving through the actions of it’s players. Activision have also made clear that although Destiny won’t be released this year, when the game does come out it’ll be on “future console platforms,” as well as on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Bungie chose to say nothing more on the subject of Destiny just yet (they’re saving the real juicy stuff for E3) but CEO of Activision Eric Hirshberg did add this..
“Bungie defined first-person action games over a decade ago with Halo, and with Destiny they will evolve the genre once again. Destiny is a world that evolves. It is a world with wide boundaries that allows you to roam and explore. It is a world where, even in story mode, you could encounter other players on their own adventures. And of course, it is a world that brings all of this together with the visceral, heart pounding immediacy of an expertly crafted first-person action title. We are very excited to bring this ambitious, innovative and creative game to players around the world.”



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