Nintendo Direct.


Yesterday Nintendo broadcasted one of it’s Direct events where a number of interesting facts came to light, the first of which being that Nintendo plan to improve the performances of the Wii U’s operating system (mainly by reducing loading times between menu screens) over the forth coming months through a series of updates which will also relaunch the Virtual Console, this time featuring Game Boy Advance games no less. However there is a downside as not all of the titles which were available on the Wii will be available (initially) on the Wii U and anyone wishing to play their previously purchased Virtual Console games off the TV and on the tablet controller will need to pay an “upgrade fee” of £99p for NES and £1.49 for SNES before that will be possible.
Away from the system update side of things Nintendo also showed off a number of games including a behinds the scenes look at Bayonetta 2, a new trailer for The Wonderful 101, confirmation that, surprise surprise, new 3D Mario and Mario Kart titles are on the way as well as a return for Yoshi who’ll be staring in Yoshi’s Yarn, a Kirby’s Epic Yarn style adventurer. Other announcements also included a strange but exciting collaboration with Atlas which will see the Shin Megami Tensei universe colliding with that of Fire Emblem’s, a HD remake of The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker to tide us over until the Wii U Zelda and best off all X,  Monolith Soft’s stunning (spiritual?) sequel to Xenoblade. All in all this Nintendo Direct was a pretty good and set the stage nicely for the best Nintendo’s E3 conference in years.

Nintendo Direct



  1. Good thing that they are noticing the bugs on Wii U. I’ve the thought of buying this console rather than spent my money on PS Vita, just hope that the game library is really good for this console.. it’s Nintendo anyway.

  2. Over time I have no doubt the Wii U’s library will grow into something special, and although I’d love to say the same for the PS Vita, Sony just don’t have the same number of exclusive franchises to fall back on as Nintendo do.

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