DualShock’s Days Numbered?


At some point this year both Sony and Microsoft will reveal their visions for the future of gaming, until then however expect to see mounting speculation and wave after wave of rumours on the subject. One of the major whispers currently doing the rounds concerns the PlayStation 4 and it’s controller, the story goes like this. Sources working close to Sony have apparently decided to let slip that, after some sixteen years of service the traditional DualShock controller will be put out to pasture and an all new, Wii U like tablet pad will be brought in. The source goes on to say that Sony hopes to “emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita” and in doing so pull potential Wii U buyers away from Nintendo’s console while, simultaneously building momentum for their flagging handheld which too will undoubtedly act as another touch based controller. Whether or not any of this turns out to be true is up for debate, however it’s a safe bet that some sort of tablet based controller, be it the PS Vita itself or something else entirely will play a big part in the PlayStation 4’s future.

DualShock's Days Numbered


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