Killer is Dead.


You may or may not have heard that Suda 51 is and has been for some time now working on a new game titled Killer is Dead, and while little had previously been revealed about the mysterious project Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu changed that this week by completely blowing the lid off (concept wise) what has been dubbed as part Killer7, part No More Heroes. Enjoy.
“Killer is Dead follows 35 year-old Mondo Zappa, a suit-wearing executioner responsible for taking out heinous criminals with a katana. A gun that can turn into a drill is also embedded in Zappa’s left hand-an augmentation he has no memory of getting. The weapon becomes increasingly powerful during the game, and it can be used to absorb enemies’ blood for a powerful “Adrenalin Burst” slash attack. Also included in the blood is “dark matter”, which can apparently be changed into energy.
The American born Zappa works at an “executioner’s office”, managed by Brian Rozen, who was also augmented, to become a world-class executioner. Joining Zappa is his boss at Rozen’s firm, the cat-suit wearing 25 year-old British born Vivienne Squall. Mika Takekawa, 20, is Zappa’s assistant. After an earlier incident, she met Zappa and then started living with him because she can make excellent soft boiled eggs, his favourite dish. There is also the evil Victor, a criminal who is dressed kind of like Mozart-if Mozart had glowing eyes, skeletal features, and green skin. Victor manipulates human emotion through song and aims to bring evil to the world.”

Killer is Dead


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