To Pay Or Not To Pay?


The free-to-play model has been touted by many as the future of the games industry, and while most established companies have ether said little or out right dismissed such claims Nintendo President Satoru Iwata appears to be more, open minded then others.
“We as an industry can now do distribution by digital means as well as micro-transactions, and the ways to obtain money through supporting entertainment have increased. Therefore, I have no intention of denying charged games, or the free-to-play model. If we were to talk about if Nintendo were to do that, however, I do not have much inclination to do that with Nintendo’s established well-known products that people trust.” Said Mr. Iwata before adding  “For example, for people who are used to Mario games costing 4,800 or 5,800 yen, we will not have a proverbial door to full enjoyment that can only be unlocked via payment. For new titles with no established base though, if, in the process of development, we found it suits the free-to-play model, we might follow that route, or we might do something like ‘Cheap-to-play’. The President finished by clarifying “”Our sales methods have been freed up and I have no desire to extinguish that freedom. If we were to release something free-to-play, it is not a betrayal but the birth of an interesting idea through our new found freedom, that’s all. I am not talking about changing how we sell Mario or Pokemon though.”

free-to-play Nintendo


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