Project Shield.


In this day and age if you fancy gaming on the go you’ve go a couple of choices. Nintendo and Sony offer up the most obvious of these with the 3DS and PS Vita, while smartphones and tablets cover the more casual bases. Nvidia (the Santa Clara based graphics cards producer) however thinks there’s room for something in-between, that something is Project Shield. An Android (Jelly Bean), Tegra 4 powered device that comes equipped with a 5-inch retina-display touchscreen, HDMI port, microSD card slot and Xbox like controller base. The Shield’s key selling point though is it’s ability to stream any game from a Wi-Fi enabled Windows PC wielding a GeForce GTX 650 card or higher. The only real questions left surrounding Project Shield are, A) how it feels in the hand? And B) how much will it cost? Both these will be answered (in the US and Canada at least) in the second quarter of 2013 when Project Shield hits the shelves. Until then keep a close eye on for more.

Project Shield


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