Pokémon X and Y.


If Pokémon Black and White revitalized Game Freak’s long running series X and Y, the newly announced and first true Pokémon game to hit the 3DS could re-establish the franchise as, not only one of Nintendo’s best selling game but one of the best game on the 3DS full stop. Need convincing? Well check out the first trailer and start salivating over the prospect of racing through all that long, 3D grass in search once more of your favourite Pokémon, them too in 3D. Truly X and Y are a dream come true for long-time fans (some who’ve been waiting since the N64’s day for a 3D Pokémon game) but beyond the graphical leap with Game Freak seemingly pulling out all the stops, this Pokémon adventurer really could be the best one of all, ever. Roll on October.

Pokémon X and Y


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