Activision Dismiss 007?


Back in 2006 Activision acquired (from EA) the exclusive rights to make and distribute James Bond games until 2014. This week however all  Activision published 007 titles have suddenly vanished from Steam, Activision’s own web-store and a number of other download services, leading many to speculate that the publisher has in fact chosen to relinquish the license early. As of writing Activision have refused to comment on the reasons for Bond’s sudden disappearance, if however they have lost the rights MI5’s most famous spy could very soon (to many people’s relief) find himself in the hands of an all new publisher, but who? Well EA (if the price is right) and Ubisoft are probably the front runners but rumours of Microsoft splashing the cash to reunite 007 and Rare persist, while others have even claimed Sony (majority share holders in MGM) might be interested in keeping Bond all to themselves. Time will tell.

Activision Dismiss 007



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