Streets Of Rage Revival Killed Off.


Here’s a useless fact for you. The Streets of Rage series (2 in particular) are some of my all time favourite games. Honestly I couldn’t tell you how many hours I spent as a child (and more than a few as an adult) playing through the three games over and over again, enjoying each playthrough more than the last. They were then and still are today the very best scrolling beat ’em ups ever made. That being said then I, like many others have often wondered why these classics never made the leap from the 16 bit generation into any other? It’s a mystery Sega never bothered to clear up and one which just got a little murkier as footage leaked from Crackdown 2 developers Ruffian Games has revealed a fully 3D re-imagining of the game was at one point in the works before being killed off stone dead. Why? Well no one’s really come out and said but Ruffian studio head Gaz Liddon, after posting a YouTube video of the game, did make this comment.
“So what’s the story behind it all? Well like a lot of developers we work on a lot of different prototypes, they’re just not usually shown in public. In this case an older version of the same video was leaked last week which came as a bit of a surprise if I’m honest. As it had no sound I thought there wouldn’t be any harm sharing a version with audio.”
Insightful no, intriguing yes and utterly disappointing that the wait goes on for the return of Adam, Axel and Blaze, but at least now we know Sega haven’t completely forgotten about those Streets Of Rage. Now if only we could get some info on a new Shenmue all would be right with the world.

streets of rage 3D


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