Wii Mini?

Nintendo have confirmed that indeed a mini Wii is on the way, but only if your a Canadian? Yes you read that right, this December 7th Canada and Canada alone (well for this year anyway) will be getting Nintendo’s latest redesigned Wii for the knock down price of $99. What will a hundred bucks get you? Well a smaller console for starters, one decked out in a matte black with a red border and featuring a manual release top-loading disc tray. What it won’t get you though is any internet connectivity options or GameCube support so bar the size why anyone would want one is beyond me.


After just launching a new console you’d think Nintendo might want to take a bit of a rest, but apparently not as numerous sites across the net are reporting that yet another Nintendo console is on the way, this time in the form of a mini Wii no less. Bar a rumoured December 7th release date there’s nothing much else to say right now, however it must be asked, if there really is a Wii Mini on the way who exactly do Nintendo think will buy it?


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